FAQ (Quick Reference)

How do I obtain all of the signatures for my defense approval form? 

The Approval Form is the university’s official means to verify that you have met all requirements related to your thesis or dissertation. It is signed by your adviser, committee members, and the College of Graduate Studies dean. Typically, a program and/or department coordinator and a college dean also sign the form. 

To obtain signatures for your approval page, ask committee members to sign off immediately after the successful completion of your defense. Once your committee members have signed, take the form to your department’s graduate office. They will direct or assist you as you obtain program/department and college administration signatures.

Once the form is signed by your committee as well as the program/department and college representatives it should be delivered to the Thesis and Dissertation Office in the College of Graduate Studies (Millican Hall 230) and left with the front desk staff. Once you complete all of the ETD requirements we will collect the last signature, of the Vice Provost and Dean, College of Graduate Studies, on your behalf. The fully-signed form becomes part of your university records.

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